About Us

Why Join YLMUN ?

Serving my generation with excellence will in return mean my generation can lead with excellence.
The Youth Leadership community here serves as a forum for youth leaders, youth workers, coaches, educators, teachers, and all those who research, practice, teach, or develop leadership among youth. With a focus on addressing the needs of youth and challenges facing young leaders, the intention of the community is to build inter- and cross-generational connections between all YLMUN members who hold an interest in this area.

Priorities & Projects
  1. Launching an YLMUN Intersections group to foster networking, promote new publications and opportunities, share knowledge and experiences, build a resource library, and address questions about Youth Leadership.
  2. Establishing an Executive Leadership Team to expand our projects.
  3. Organizing an online Youth Leadership virtual conference.
  4. Contributing to other YLMUN Member Communities to infuse youth energy throughout the World.
  5. Creating a Youth Leadership Mentoring Program.